What is Abuse?

Marilyn Bradford and Bret Rockmore discuss some different kinds of abuse and what change is possible if abuse has been or is a part of your life. Using the dynamic tools of Access Consciousness, both Marilyn and Bret have healed abuse from their pasts and now facilitate others through classes, workshops, tele-summits, and one-on-one facilitation.

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"When you are willing to be aware of abuse in all of its forms,‚Äč you never have to make you wrong in the face of it ever again."

Links, Products, and Classes mentioned in this conversation:

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  • The Access Consciousness Clearing Statement explained: here
  • The Original Clearing the Issues of Abuse Audio ($35): here
  • Changing the Issues That Abuse Has Dominated Your Life With Class Facilitated By Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer February 24th-26th, 2018 Available Live in Houston and Online Worldwide: here
  • The Abuse Hold Class with Grace Douglas: here

Marilyn Bradford: MSSW, MEd., Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator, C.F.M.W, and author and founder of "Right Recovery For You". More information on Right Recovery For You here
Bret Rockmore: Access Conscious Certified Facilitator, Being You Certified Facilitator, Right Voice For You Breakthrough Facilitator, C.F.M.W., and co-author of "Relationships Done Easy".

January 20, 2018