The Journey of Finding What is True For You with Susanna Mittermaier

Jul 03, 2024

Marilyn's guest, Susanna Mittermaier, explored embracing unconventional paths while listening to her inner desires. Choosing to study abroad and listening to her inner voice changed the trajectory of her life. Listen in as she shares how she chose happiness for herself.

Susanna Mittermaier founded the revolutionary approach of Pragmatic Psychology. She is an active worldwide keynote speaker and an international best-selling author with her books, Pragmatic Psychology, and Advanced Pragmatic Psychology. She is also the founder of the Pragmatic Psychology Centre in Vienna.

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Key Takeaways: 

  • When something needs to change, we pull it in!


She shows the world that depression, anxiety, ADHD, autism, and every other diagnosis we think of as mental illness are capacities that are often not recognized and which can be transformed into new possibilities – as part of a life that is way greater than you could have imagined. Diversity is what our future requires.

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