Trusting Yourself as a Parent with Maya Dayan

Feb 28, 2024

Maya Dayan shares her experiences as a mom who has home schooled her children and how discovering the tools of Access Consciousness contributed to creating ease with childbirth, postpartum depression and pregnancy. How might this conversation contribute to you?

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Key Takeaways: 

  • I would love to invite the world to question


Motherhood has been a huge door opening for Maya to explore consciousness and ask for more change and presence in her world and family life. 

After a “normal” rough first child experience, with postpartum depression, loneliness, colic, etc., and a miscarriage after, Maya was asked to have something very different with the pregnancy and birth of her second child. That’s when she discovered the amazing tools of Access Consciousness, opening the door for her to have a different first-born experience and parenting in general.

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