Body as a Creation Partner with Donnielle Carter

Dec 06, 2023

What if you created your life with your body as a creation partner? My guest Donnielle Carter invites us to explore our amazing capacities with energy and our bodies. What would your relationship with your body be like if you included it as a partner in everything you did?

Donnielle Carter has been involved in the health field & the world of Bodies as a facilitator and Body Expert for 35+ years and has discovered that new Information is constantly being revealed.

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Key Takeaways: 

  • A left turn can be where you are so honest with yourself, you acknowledge your capacities. 
  • When we judge things, we have to define it. When we do that, we try to solidify things. 
  • I've never met a body that is mad at the infinite being.



As a Certified Health and Wellness Coach and Certified Facilitator with Access Consciousness & Right Body for You, she travels the world facilitating online and in-person classes inviting people to that shiny amazing world of possibility no matter what they may look like, act like, think of themselves, judge about themselves, secretly hope for or secretly fear.

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