Destination Unknown with John Ashford

Sep 13, 2023

John chose an early left turn by announcing to his parents, at the age of 13, that he was joining a seminary! Being fearless, true to himself and willing to embrace the unknown, John’s zest for life is a real inspiration to jump into possibilities. Join us in this conversation of Left Turn Podcast as we explore the many destinations and unknown left turns and what they revealed to John.

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Key Takeaways: 

  • What if you are the source?
  • Are you willing to explore unknown destinations?
  • “Once you choose consciousness, there is no going back”.
  • The destination is unknown, it’s the journey. 


 John Ashford is a renaissance man and an Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator. He has 33 years of experience working with youth and families struggling with violence, trauma, and grief. Presently, he works with families through Multnomah County Juvenile Justice, for men around Domestic Violence and Fatherhood and boys anger management groups. John enjoys cooking and has a Consciousness Cooking show on YouTube.





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