A Taste Of Right Recovery For You (6 Call Series)

This series includes the recordings from 6 Zooms done by Marilyn Bradford:

Ending Self Judgment 

Self judgment – the death of creation.
Have you ever felt stuck? Do you know you have great ideas but you can’t seem to get started or get them actualized? Self judgment is a huge hidden stopper of creativity and productivity.
What if you could end self judgment once and for all? How much easier and fun might your life be?
Join me for some great tools and tips for changing this limitation forever.

Making Peace with Your Body 

We all have a body, and this reality has given us such ideas that are so odd about it: like it's not our friend; it betrayed us.
What would it take for you to change your relationship with your body?
What would it take for you to be so happy and so comfortable together that the sum of the parts is greater than the 2 separate parts? And you can go forth together and create magnificently.
This class is about undoing the belief systems and things you bought about bodies and give you some tools to assist you in having a completely different relationship with you body of your choice.
It's not just possible for the 2 of you work together but to play and receive, have fun and enjoy being alive. 

Making Yourself a Priority 

Where are you in the priorities of your life? Are you first? Does that very idea seem selfish and wrong? What if it’s not? What if maying yourself a top priority is actually the gift this world requires? Please join me for a very different look at creating priorities.

Changing Your Relationship with Food

What have you decided food is that it isn’t?
What have you decided food isn’t that it is?
What “food experts” have you believed that know nothing about what your body requires?
Let’s get out of our conclusions about food and into question and awareness!
How might your relationship with food change forever?

Having all of You in Relationships

How present are you in your relationships?
Are you able to be completely YOU or do you find yourself buying into other people’s realities and ideas about who you should be and how you should act. Whether its family, work, friends or partners, most of us find ourselves accommodating others rather than being seen as selfish or unkind by knowing what we know and just being us!
The good news is, that it doesn’t have to be an either/or situation.
You can be you in all of your relationships and still maintain the relationships if that is what you actually desire.

Screen Got You Hooked?

Whether it is TV, movies, social media or games, screens seem to be taking over our lives! But are they? How can you tell if you are in control or the media and games are in control? What are some tools you can use to reclaim your power, your life? What can you do to help a family member who's given themselves to video games? 

This series is a pre-requisite for becoming a Right Recovery for You Facilitator.

What's Included?

  • Video & Audio Recordings

Languages Avaliable

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Mandarin
  • Spanish
  • Arabic
  • Italian
  • Portuguese

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