Hey – you’re an adult,

your life is working pretty well, right? Then why delve into old family stuff?  

Is it possible that parts of your life still operate from hidden projections, belief systems, loyalty, oaths, etc.?


What if issues with bodies, money, relationships, sex, judgment, wrongness, parenting, addiction,  mental health, and many other topics have their roots in family of origin?  Is it time to take out the trash? To uncover and let go of the last vestiges of family control?  


The What’s Family Got to Do With It membership will allow you to do just that.  We will address a topic like family and money or family and bodies each month. 

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 December's calls:


December 12th at 11am MST - Your time HERE

Hot Seat is December 19th, 11am MST - Your time HERE 


One monthly Zoom video call with Marilyn

One monthly “Hot Seat” facilitation with Marilyn

- an open, private session with Marilyn with one member per month.

Private Telegram Chat

with Marilyn and the team and other members

Clearing Loop

written key clearings, home play, and a monthly clearing loop recorded for YOU

Call recordings

for you to listen anywhere, anytime in your App or on your desktop

Surprise gifts in your library


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