Left turns are choices we can all make. They're about a willingness to step into the unknown in any area of life, to trust yourself to risk creating or trying something new. They're about whether it takes to create the choices and results you would really like to have.

What are some of your left turns? Writing a blog? Parenting in a different way? Letting go of the old because you are aware of something greater?

Whatever your left turns are, it's all about letting your true uniqueness shine.


The greatest people who have lived; artists, statesmen, writers, explorers, musicians have all been people willing to turn left.
What capacities do you have that you have not acknowledged? 
What would your life and the world be like if you were willing to turn left?


Discover the latest episodes below!

How to Handle Big Pivots with Christel Crawford

How do you handle big changes and pivots in your life? My guest, Christel Crawford shares her story of choosing the power of aloneness. She knew she had to walk a different road. Big changes can totally transform your life - what choices can you make towards this?

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Discovering the Wealth of You with Sarah Grandinetti

Sarah Grandinetti shares her journey of self-discovery, finding her unique gifts and talents. During this journey, she became a facilitator of Access Consciousness, learning to rely on herself and seeing her inner strength.

She also spoke about her experience as a parent and how she empowers her children to make choices for their lives.

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The Willingness to be different with Steve and Chutisa Bowman

Marilyn and her guests, Steve and Chutisa Bowman, discussed embracing uncertainty and taking risks in life and business. They also chatted about making choices that create greater possibilities rather than sticking to traditional paths, being a catalyst for change, embracing diversity, and asking questions, which can help leaders let go of fixed points of view and embrace new possibilities.

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Trusting Yourself as a Parent with Maya Dayan

Maya Dayan shares her experiences as a mom who has home schooled her children and how discovering the tools of Access Consciousness contributed to creating ease with childbirth, postpartum depression and pregnancy. How might this conversation contribute to you?

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The Adventure and Exuberance of Living with Alison Cox

A lover of left turns, Alison Cox shares the adventure and exuberance of living in this episode. She also shares how being aware of entities affected her and how she navigates all the energies she is aware of.

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What Does Technology Have to do with Animal Communication? with Suzy Godsey

We're celebrating the amazing gifts of Suzy Godsey on this episode. She is a magical combination of an animal whisperer, a tech wizard, a facilitator, and a steward of the earth. Her story is a reminder that life is not a one-size-fits-all journey.

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The Meandering Path to Happiness and Joy with Sarah Watt

Join my guest Sarah Watt where she shares her meandering path to discovering happiness and joy and the contributions horses have been to her life.

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You Are The Source! with Viktor Anderson

Choosing to create a life far beyond anything he thought was possible is a theme Viktor Anderson has been creating for five years. He shares some of his journey from unconsciousness and avoidance through alcohol and drugs to consciousness and the enjoyment of being alive. Viktor has discovered the value and greatness that he is.

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Discover the Unknown Space of You with Francesca Fiorentini

What if choosing for you does not mean you're selfish? My guest Francesca Fiorentini talks about being kind to yourself, choosing what works for you and staying true to yourself in this episode of Left Turn Podcast. Discover the unknown space of you every day!

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Body as a Creation Partner with Donnielle Carter

What if you created your life with your body as a creation partner? My guest Donnielle Carter invites us to explore our amazing capacities with energy and our bodies. What would your relationship with your body be like if you included it as a partner in everything you did?

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Are You a Pot Stirrer? with John Wheeler

John has always been a curiosity seeker.  As a child, his family always gave him the new things to figure out how they worked. Join this conversation as we explore John's willingness to stir the pot, ask questions and never settle.

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Why Not? with Kalpana Raghuraman

My guest this week, Kalpana Raghuraman is always on the move! This is partially because she is a dancer and has created an incredibly innovative dance company, but also because for her, every moment is filled with possibilities for the new. Whether mentoring dancers, writing a best seller or facilitating Access Consciousness Kalpana is making the most of every moment.

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Trust the Magic with Cassy Summers

Have you ever yearned for something more? Known that there had to be something beyond what this world seemed to offer? My guest Cassy Summers let that insatiable desire for greater guide her into huge leaps of change into the unknown.

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Just Keep Swimming with Katerina Wallentin

In this episode of Left Turn Podcast with guest Katarina Wallentin, explore the tenacity in never giving up, the excitement in choosing new possibilities and the invitation that creates for more left turns in your life. This inspiring conversation might have you looking at some of the left turns you have chosen in your life.

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Commit to Your Left Turn with Emily Evans Russell

What happens when you allow yourself to tap into and trust your innate knowing? When you move from your Scientific mind to what’s true for you? When you choose things that might go against the norm? My guest Emily Evans Russell shares wonderful stories about choices that have taken her to museums in London, turtle beaches and even visiting Australia from the United States.

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Time To Wake Up with Claudia Cano

Dr. Claudia Cano was living the perfect life. She was a doctor, had a lovely husband and family and was undoubtedly the envy of many. It wasn’t deeply satisfying. You’re invited to listen to this inspiring conversation where Claudia responds to “It’s time to wake up!” and follows her knowing despite all of the judgments of those around her.

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Destination Unknown with John Ashford

John chose an early left turn by announcing to his parents, at the age of 13, that he was joining a seminary! Being fearless, true to himself and willing to embrace the unknown, John’s zest for life is a real inspiration to jump into possibilities. Join us in this conversation of Left Turn Podcast as we explore the many destinations and unknown left turns and what they revealed to John.

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The Richness of Living with Monica Gilliam

Sometimes following a path that seems obvious and even straight to you, because you are following the energy, looks like you are making a billion left turns from the outside. We dive into this with my guest Monica Gilliam on this episode of Left Turn Podcast.

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Left Turn with Family with Pam Houghteling

My guest Pam Houghteling explores navigating the many left turns with family of origin and family of choice in this Left Turn Podcast.

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Left Turn with Money with Megan Hill

Have you been creating money according the rules of this reality? This edition of Left Turn podcast features Megan Hill discussing ways of creating a financial reality that’s very different.
She also has some great insights into Left turn with a dog.

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Finding Your Happy In a Different Way with Dr. Imene Benzamouche

On this episode of Left Turn Podcast, Dr. Imene Benzamouche shares her story of choosing happiness after realizing that her prestigous career choice was not providing the happiness she desired. Instead of giving into pressure to continue that career, she did a left turn, embracing a career that was exciting and fulfilling.

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What The Heck Is A Left Turn with Betsy McLoughlin & Fauve Ferguson

On this integral episode of Marilyn Bradford’s Left Turn Podcast, with guests Betsy McLoughlin and Fauve Ferguson, we celebrate the launch and explore the nature of left turns, while Marilyn shares some of the pivotal ones from her life.

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