What is your left turn? Writing a blog? Parenting in a different way? Letting the old go because you are aware of something greater?
Left turns are choices we can all make. It’s about a willingness to step into the unknown in any area of life; to trust yourself to risk creating or trying something new.
It’s about letting your true uniqueness shine.

The greatest people who have lived; artists, statesmen, writers, explorers, musicians have all been people willing to turn left.
What capacities do you have that you have not acknowledged? 
What would your life and the world be like if you were willing to turn left?


Discover the latest episodes below!

Time To Wake Up with Claudia Cano

Dr. Claudia Cano was living the perfect life. She was a doctor, had a lovely husband and family and was undoubtedly the envy of many. It wasn’t deeply satisfying. You’re invited to listen to this inspiring conversation where Claudia responds to “It’s time to wake up!” and follows her knowing despite all of the judgments of those around her.

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Destination Unknown with John Ashford

John chose an early left turn by announcing to his parents, at the age of 13, that he was joining a seminary! Being fearless, true to himself and willing to embrace the unknown, John’s zest for life is a real inspiration to jump into possibilities. Join us in this conversation of Left Turn Podcast as we explore the many destinations and unknown left turns and what they revealed to John.

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The Richness of Living with Monica Gilliam

Sometimes following a path that seems obvious and even straight to you, because you are following the energy, looks like you are making a billion left turns from the outside. We dive into this with my guest Monica Gilliam on this episode of Left Turn Podcast.

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Left Turn with Family with Pam Houghteling

My guest Pam Houghteling explores navigating the many left turns with family of origin and family of choice in this Left Turn Podcast.

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Left Turn with Money with Megan Hill

Have you been creating money according the rules of this reality? This edition of Left Turn podcast features Megan Hill discussing ways of creating a financial reality that’s very different.
She also has some great insights into Left turn with a dog.

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Finding Your Happy In a Different Way with Dr. Imene Benzamouche

On this episode of Left Turn Podcast, Dr. Imene Benzamouche shares her story of choosing happiness after realizing that her prestigous career choice was not providing the happiness she desired. Instead of giving into pressure to continue that career, she did a left turn, embracing a career that was exciting and fulfilling.

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What The Heck Is A Left Turn with Betsy McLoughlin & Fauve Ferguson

On this integral episode of Marilyn Bradford’s Left Turn Podcast, with guests Betsy McLoughlin and Fauve Ferguson, we celebrate the launch and explore the nature of left turns, while Marilyn shares some of the pivotal ones from her life.

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